Will Smith on 'Concussion': "I Think as Actors, We Have Ultimate Power" – Actor Oscar Roundtable

“I didn’t have any contact with the NFL, because [Concussion‘s] director Peter Landesman was an investigative reporter, he was bulletproof. He had worked the story and done the research,” Will Smith tells The Hollywood Reporter about the authenticity of making Concussion. “Many of the scenes in the movie we did from transcripts. It was not easy, but we felt comfortable in saying and doing the things we were saying and doing.”

“I want to give Sony their props also, because we used real footage. We used the NFL logo, all of that. And it came down to Sony saying, ‘just use it. They’ll have to sue us.'”

“I wanted to make the greatest love story that African Americans had ever seen from American cinema,” Will Smith explains why he turned down the role of Django in Tarantino’s…

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