The Game Has Two Words For Critics Of 'All Eyez On Me'

There’s been some criticism of the new Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me but not everyone’s here for the slander.

Enter, The Game, who has two pretty harsh words for dissenters. The Compton rapper took to Instagram and urged those who haven’t yet seen the film to do so.

“#AllEyezOnMe SUPPORT it. Go see it. Tell a friend,” Game captioned under a pic of him twisting up his fingers. “I love the movie & ANYBODY with a negative review of this film or anything bad to say about PAC…..”

Wait for it…

“I’m gone say it since he can’t….. F**K YOU #ThugLife #RIP2Pac #RIPAfeni #CaliforniaLove,” he concluded.

Welp, we know how Game feels. His sentiments echoed a few others who felt the film was pretty authentic. Suge Knight and Diddy also gave the movie a thumbs up. MC Hammer took to Twitter to show his support calling All Eyez On Me an “excellent” and “truthful portrayal of [his] loved one.”

See Game and MC Hammer’s praise of the Tupac biopic below.

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